At Arts & Letters, every student has an advisor, who is responsible for knowing a small group of students extremely well. The advisor meets with their advisees two times each week for discussion, activities, and conferences.

Advisory has three specific goals : 1 To provide a time to address student needs, both personal and academic; 2 To provide every student with consistent, caring and continuous adult guidance and advocacy throughout their school experience; and 3 To provide students with specific instruction about study habits, personal development, and high school and college preparation. In addition, all advisories will be working on a community service project this year.

Advisor’s Role

  • Get to know each advisee and their family personally, and be the primary family contact with the school concerning all matters (academic, behavior, communications, etc.)
  • Advocate for and support student academic and socio-emotional growth
  • Mediate and counsel students as needed
  • Provide resources for classroom success
  • Support advisee to lead his or her student led conferences
  • Teach academic and interpersonal success strategies
  • Facilitate group discussions and activities about themes related to adolescence and community