Arts & Letters has its own growing afterschool programming for grades K through 8. View the many offerings including art, chess, dance, theater, Hosh Kids, basketball, Spanish, Lego robotics, songwriting, gardening, yoga, and guitar. Middle school offerings include CHAMPS, school newspaper, art portfolio, GSA, drama, history of music/songwriting, and City Growers.

R E G I S T E R  F O R  F A L L  2 0 1 6

New Partnership with City Growers

City Growers offers an urban farming and ecological stewardship afterschool program for 6th through 8th graders. This year long opportunity allows students to engage in hands-on, inquiry - based activities on the farm, in their classrooms, and around their city. Throughout the school year, students will spend two days a week at the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm building, farming, cooking, planning, reflecting; two days a week in the classroom researching and reading; and Fridays on field trips anywhere there is nature, sustainability, and/or innovation in action. Homework help will also be provided Monday through Thursday.


Contact our Afterschool Coordinator, Dawn Babbush, at

In addition, there are three other afterschool programs in the building:

Academic Zone 

Contact  :  Ms. Taylor  (347) 995-8659
Afterschool Institute focuses on education through Sports, Science and the Arts. 


Contact  :  Ummkhair Davis  (347) 466-8972
Our Mission is to bring the enrichment and fun back into the lives of children at school through a rotating cultural arts program. Our children enjoy the vibrant energy and creativity of our staff, and they never get bored as we switch our class schedule throughout the year.


Contact  :  Adrienne Davis  (347) 264-8599
Homework help, arts & crafts, storytelling and much more. Parents are always assured of a professional, health conscious and safe environment, including a timely pick­up after dismissal. Healthy snacks served daily. Clean, friendly and a peaceful setting. Children are happy, learning, and having fun.