For individual classrooms, volunteer Class Parents serve as the liaison(s) with teachers to disseminate important information to the entire class.  

Class/Advisory Parents are the coordinators of support for your child's class or advisory. They help organize support for teachers and classroom activities as needed and facilitate a sense of community among the children's families. They strengthen communication between the school and the families. Class/Advisory Parents provide a unified voice for the class to the teachers, so that parents collectively can have a say, without the teacher feeling overwhelmed by 25 sets of parents asking the same question!  If an individual parent has a specific concern about their child, of course they are advised to speak directly with the teacher. 

Being a Class/Advisory Parent can feel like a lot of responsibility, so be sure to delegate to other parents. This takes the burden off of you and gets more families involved. Most classes or advisories have 2 to 3 Class/Advisory Parents, but please check with your teacher(s) to see if they have a preference.

For additional insight on specific Class/Advisory Parent duties, please contact Anna Azrieli, Class Parents Coordinator,, who can provide a full list of guidelines and responsibilities.