Arts & Letters Roundtables

Twice a year, grades 3 to 8 host Roundtables during which teachers, families, and community members come together to “sit at the table” as students share their work and learning in authentic, hands-on ways. We encourage family members to attend any of the Roundtables and to sign up using the link on our homepage, which is posted before each series of dates.

The Roundtables concept is based on a belief that students should have the opportunity to share, reflect on, and discuss the work and learning they have done over the course of a semester, and they should do it with an audience that knows and cares for them.

Roundtables is also an opportunity for our visitors to use the same metrics that our teachers use to look at how prepared our students are as they progress, be it high school, college or the next grade.

Arts & Letters is committed to developing flexible thinkers, and this requires a combination of success, failure, joy and discomfort. Roundtables are a practice that helps both the students and adults of Arts & Letters be better and more flexible thinkers. Revision and reflection are very important to us, and they are central to this practice. Providing time and a venue for students and teachers to look back upon their work is essential for forward movement in our studies and practice. Making this thinking and reflection public makes it important and raises the stakes.