We are a public school transforming the way we learn and think, and we need your help now more than ever. Help us sustain our commitment to youth in the face of increasing budget cuts.

Arts & Letters' budget has remained at the same low level for the past three years. Offering your child a program of instruction that aims to fulfill Arts & Letters’ lofty mission requires additional funding from parents, extended family, and the community at large.  Donations to the annual appeal have been vital to the maintenance of much that we hold dear. The funding support from you preserves our arts and science programming and helps pay for classroom equipment, substitute teachers, books and professional development. 

Several ways you can help us
meet our financial goals:

Arts & Letters Gala

Friday, June 10th
7 PM to Midnight

Roulette (509 Atlantic Ave)
The annual GALA is quickly approaching!  Do you have your tickets yet?  Buy them now so you don’t miss out on the biggest party of the year!  Suggested ticket price is just $35 (open bar! food from your favorite neighborhood spots!) and it is shaping up to be a great night.  Tickets available at

And if you can donate to the auction, we’re still accepting donations through next week.  Please let us know if you can contribute in any way, or if you can help solicit donations from local businesses (or your own network); donations are fully tax-deductible!  Donation form available here:


  • You can donate money online all at once or with a monthly auto-pay HERE
  • You can donate by check or money order, made out to “Arts & Letters PTA,” and drop it in the purple PTA mailbox in the entrance to Room 309, or mail to:  Arts & Letters, PTA Mailbox, Room 309, 225 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, New York 11205

FARMIGO and Arts & Letters Partnership


Farmigo is an online Farmer's Market where you can shop for fresh, delicious food — vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, breads, and more — while raising money for Arts & Letters.  Ten percent of every order donated to the school! Place your order by midnight on Sunday; then pick it up at school between 3 and 4 pm on Wednesdays.   Contact with questions.

Sign up at to shop or simply to get on the email list for reminders about deadlines.


Arts & Letters Earns 10% of Every Grocery Order.  

So 25 families spend $50 per week = $500 a month for the school.  Fifty families spend $75 a week = $1500 a month. EASIEST FUNDRAISER EVER!

Food You Can Feel Really Good About

All the farms and suppliers are within 250 miles of school to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible while enhancing the freshness.  No hormones, antibiotics, cages, or unsustainable practices ever.  Most is Certified Organic or organically grown.  Plus you will be supporting wonderful small businesses against the Industrial Food Complex, such as, for example, Charmaine Bee of Gullah Girl Tea (who also happened to be a vendor at the A&L Holiday Market a couple of years back — her tea is so yummy and she supported our school).

Amazing High Quality Selections

Super sweet cherry tomatoes, carrots that taste like carrots rather than soap, fresh scrumptious flounder, artisanal cheese to die for, bread from bakeries like TomKat, the bakery of choice of Anthony Bourdain and Le Bernadin!

Competitive Pricing

Many of the prices are equal or less than Fresh Direct prices, way less than specialty places in the neighborhood like Provisions or Whole Foods, and even local supermarket chains on some staples like milk.  Here is a price comparison of some random items with Fresh Direct prices to give you an idea.  

  • Organic Red Peppers 3.99 lb; Fresh Direct $5.99 lb

  • Cherry tomatoes 3.99 a pint; Fresh direct $3.99 a pint

  • Flounder $14.49 lb; Fresh Direct  $16.99 lb.

  • Whole Chicken 5.49 lb; Fresh Direct  4.49 lb

  • Eggs 4.99 Doz; Fresh Direct 3.99 Doz

  • Organic Milk 4.79 half gallon; Fresh Direct Brand 3.99, Horizon $5.49

So What Are You Waiting For??  Sign up at and get shopping.

Mabel’s Labels

Never lose your kid’s clothing or lunch containers again! Raise money for A&L by purchasing labels for clothing and other products on the Mabel’s Labels site. For every purchase, A&L gets 20%. To purchase, go to


If you sign up for a Target RedCard credit card, not only does 1% of your total purchase price go straight to A&L, but you get 5% off all purchases, and if you shop online you get free shipping. You can enroll here: using SCHOOL ID #147057. If you have a REDcard already, you can designate A&L.


If you shop at, please do so by using this link:
This link is valid all year around. By simply clicking on the banner ad when using this link, a percentage (up to 15% depending on monthly volume) of your total purchase price goes straight to A&L.


One of the many ways we raise money is through the Box Tops 4 Education program. Please peek inside your cabinets and gather all the Box Tops you can find. Drop them off in the main office with Ms. Williams.

Box Tops are located on a wide range of products (not just cereal!), such as Ziploc brand containers and bags, Hanes socks and underwear, Betty Crocker baking products, Scott paper goods, Hefty trash bags, Progresso, Cascadian Farms, Pillsbury products, and so much more. For a complete list of participating Box Tops products, visit:

In addition, signing up for the Box Tops 4 Education newsletter will grant you access to loads of chances to get bonus Box Tops for the school. If you have a few minutes, it's a great opportunity to increase the amount of money we raise through this program. You can sign up here (type in "arts & letters" to find our school):

There are two deadlines during the year, so please clip the coupons all year long and then bring them in. Each Box Top earns 10 cents for the school — if everyone contributes, that adds up quickly. It's a super easy way to earn free money toward A&L's fundraising goals.