Arts Education Curriculum

The Arts & Letters lower grades art teacher is Ms. Jackson.  Kindergarten, first, and second grades have art class two times per week.  

Music Education Curriculum

Kindergarten, first, and second grades have music class once per week through a collaboration between Arts & Letters and the Brooklyn Music School.

Dance Partnership

This year, our school will be partnering with BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange) to have dance class once a week for all lower grades classes.    

Physical Education Curriculum

All lower grades receive physical education at least once per week with Ms. Gonzalez (Coach G). 


Arts & Letters is committed to developing flexible thinkers, and this requires a combination of success, failure, joy and discomfort. Lower grade shares, at the end of a unit, serve as the culmination of student learning and thinking. Parents, students, and staff gather together to experience the learning that has happened over the course of study.

This is a practice that helps both the students and adults of Arts & Letters be better and more flexible thinkers. Revision and reflection are very important to us, and shares are central to this practice. Providing time and a venue for students and teachers to look back upon their work is essential for forward movement in our studies and practice. Making this thinking and reflection public makes it important and raises the stakes.

In addition, lower grades' students, like their older A&L counterparts, lead a conference with their family twice a year, a discussion of their work and established academic and social goals. One of their teachers sits alongside them, as a facilitator in the process.