PTA Organizational Information
& Meeting Resources

PTA General Meetings are held every month. The meetings are a way to connect with other families and learn about A&L news,  PTA events, DOE developments, and school business. You will normally hear from Principal John O’Reilly, PTA Executive Board members, and PTA Committee Chairs. This is the perfect forum to ask questions, volunteer to help, and offer your own opinions and ideas.

PTA Meetings 

Meeting Minutes  |  Meeting Handouts

PTA Officers

Ayanna Behin, Co-President
Carla Licavoli, Co-President
Kimtoya Williams, Co-President
Jen Becker, Vice President
Kimberly Bliss, Vice President
Anjali Sharma, Treasurer
Lisa Yagel, Treasurer
Tobias Prasse, Treasurer
Mary Power, Recording Secretary
Rebecca Paley, Recording Secretary
Jon Bines, Communications Secretary
Matt Laszuk, Communications Secretary

PTA Committees

PTA Bylaws