All students at Arts & Letters are young scholars. During your nine years here, you are expected to be at your best, to give 100% all the time to achieve at extremely high levels. Our expectations of you will never change: you will be a college bound young man or woman who is ready to use your special and unique gifts in the world. To do this, we maintain a very structured environment so that you can learn. The following Scholars’ Code shapes our actions, our work habits, and our lives together at Arts & Letters :

As Scholars, we SEEK UNDERSTANDING of ourselves and our world….

We seek solutions to problems.
We research new information.
We interpret what we see and read.
We analyze ideas.

As Scholars, we demonstrate RESPECT.…

We listen attentively.
We sit up--with our eyes on the speaker.
We choose our words and actions wisely—always acting from our higher selves!


We always come to school ready and wanting to learn and succeed.
We complete all assignments.
We ask for help when we need it.
We give our best effort to all that we do.
We present what we know with precision, accuracy, and style.

Be the One to Watch!