Each year, every family is federally mandated to fill out the National School Food Programs Application.  In addition to determining lunch qualifications for our children, the application is also used to regulate the amount of state funding Arts & Letters receives for supplies such as books, classroom furniture and other resources.  If you feel you are not eligible for free or reduced-price meals, then check the box next to the statement, “I do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals” at the top of the form and return it to school to help ensure adequate funding for our school. 

T H E  F O R M  |  You should have received the form on the first day of school, but if you did not, please ask for one in the main office. You may also fill out the form online at the following:

S C H O O L  L U N C H  M E N U S  

P A Y M E N T  |  Our school operates on a Point of Service Payment system, where students receive a pin code and this pin allows bills for food to be sent directly to parents. All incoming students will receive their pin code in September.

P A Y  O N L I N E  |  If your child is required to pay for lunch, we encourage you to pay online.


Q U E S T I O N S ?  Call Mr. Angel Garcia in the main office.