Busing starts for families on the first day of school, for returning families only. New families or families that have moved must fill out the bus registration form. It is recommended that Kindergarten families do not use the bus for the first couple of weeks of school. Drivers are often new in September and are learning the routes. It is better to phase our littlest ones in after the drivers and older children know the routine.  For additional information about bus options, please view our Guide to Busing at A&L or contact Ms. Tanya Williams, our Community Resource Coordinator, at (718) 222-1605 ext. 3042 or 


Metrocards will be distributed by Ms. Williams during the first week, when your sign-off has been returned. After the first week, Ms. Williams will continue to be the point person for Metrocards.

Arts & Letters Scooter Policy

In an effort to accommodate as many families as possible, we have created a space for scooters on the third floor by the welcome desk. However, due to the narrowness of our hallways and congestion at drop off and dismissal, we are requiring all scooters that will be stored at A&L during the school day must fold in half.