Arts & Letters needs some of your time, talent & love.

Every day at Arts & Letters, parents make themselves available to facilitate special activities and support critical school routines. Whether it’s attending Roundtables, organizing dances, chaperoning trips, baking cupcakes for a bake sale, or helping with lunch, all of these efforts keep our community strong, safe, and vibrant.


Information on our needs coming soon!


Information on event needs coming soon!

F R O M   T H E   P R I N C I P A L . . .

When Arts & Letters asks for help from our community, our community is there for us more and more. Over the past four years we have had to weather really tough budgets. Our teachers and staff have had to take on more responsibilities when our resources are diminished. You have been running quite a long marathon. Our families have also stepped up, year after year, working tirelessly to fill huge budget gaps, keeping the school and faculty going and thriving despite these lean years.

Parental attendance for every grade level Share and Roundtables continues to climb. You show up. Lately we seem to always be looking for more chairs to cram into already packed rooms. These moments are always made more powerful with you there.

The alliance between Arts & Letters faculty and parents is critical to the success of our students, and the sense of safety and belonging that they enjoy while at school. Teachers know best how and when to push kids academically and emotionally with information from parents. Teachers can differentiate instruction and plan units better when they know their students and students’ families well. 


Parents know best how to support the academics when the teachers give more information. Parents are also better equipped to handle any emotions that might come from something that happened during the school day when their child’s teacher lets them know. There are constant disagreements about how to handle certain problems, but still the information flows. The commitment to partnership is strong.

Arts & Letters is one of the most racially and economically diverse schools in New York City. We, the faculty, the SLT, and PTA, are unified in our belief that this diversity is vitally important, sadly rare, and profoundly fragile. We are together in our commitment to building and maintaining it. We know that multiple perspectives and ideas enrich our lives and our children’s lives; that we become more brave, compassionate, and empathetic when we talk, work, argue and play with people from different backgrounds.

Our shared commitment to our young people and our school drives all of us. Together we will do what it takes to make our school great.

- John