A&L Bulletin 10-23-15

And We Need Everyone To Participate!

Thanks to all who’ve already participated in this year’s I Heart A&L fall fundraising drive! 25 new donors unlocked the entire $2000 matching grant; and there’s 2 other corporate matching grants, one of which matched 3:1.  Not counting the corporate grants, A&L families have contributed $12,000 in one week, or 34% of our $35,000 goal.  And even with this great response, with just over a week left, we need to pick up the pace a bit if we’re going to make it across the finish line.  Pledge forms should be arriving home today and tomorrow and are due back on the October 30th!   Every donation counts! And gets one step closer hitting $35,000 for this drive and 100% for the year!  Please help us support A&L and our children!!  DONATE ONLINE TODAY at http://goo.gl/7UgBSr or drop a check off in the purple mailbox inside the door in Room 309 or in the PTA mailbox.  Thanks in advance for your generous support


Equal Exchange Fundraiser – Makes Great Gifts!

Want a way to buy gifts for others, support farmers AND have 25% of your purchase go to support A&L? You can buy Fairly Traded Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Olive Oil, Nuts, Greeting Cards, Giftwrap and more at our online Equal Exchange Store!  Please also send the link to family and friends so they can make purchases and support our school too!  Here's the deal: You make your purchase and it gets delivered to the address of your choice within 10 days. Arts and Letters gets 25%. That's it! Here's the URL:



Upper Grade Class Parents STILL (Very Much) Needed

Upper grade interests are very much under-represented. We need class parents to make sure 7th and 8th graders are given as much access to resources, activities, and information as all the lower grades. You can help to make sure your 7th and 8th grader(s) have a voice, by becoming a class parent with a direct line to the PTA. This role can largely be handled via email with the occasional class parent meeting. All other grades are represented. Help to make sure your 6th and 7th graders also have representation. For more info, please contact PTA Co-President, Kimtoya Williams at kimtoya@yahoo.com


Class Picture Day – Volunteers Needed!
Oct 29

Class Picture Day is October 29th! We use a wonderful company called Stomping Ground Photo.  Make sure your young ones are dressed and ready for their close-ups!

Also, we need volunteers to help organized the kids and fix their bow ties etc. 

Please reach out to Carrie Larrier bklyncarrie@yahoo.com


A&L NYC Marathon Bake Sale / School Fundraiser
Nov 1
(But please bake something beforehand!)

The NYC marathon is November 1, 2015!  Every year A&L sets out hot coffee, cider and a variety of sweet and savory treats in front of Lucy Kutchins- Hamilton's house (4th grader) that happens to fall at mile 9 on the New York City Marathon Route. We set up around 9:30 and keep it going until most of the runners have past or until we run out of coffee. Each year we raise more and more money at this event, so please dust off those favorite muffin, scone and quick bread recipes and get baking. Of course, if you don’t bake, other store-bought items do well—   bagels with spreads, (pre sliced and wrapped are even better), single-servings of bottled water, even napkins, cups & lids or milk and sugar packs for coffee are graciously accepted.  Be creative, anything that we can sell to hungry and cold marathon viewers is welcome. Donated items can either be dropped off on Friday at school or on Saturday evening or Sunday morning at the bake sale site.  If for some reason you don’t feel incredibly compelled to donate items to the sale, please come purchase some breakfast to support this 4-figure fund raiser!

Please let us know what you can bring by signing up here: http://tinyurl.com/A-Lmarathon2015.


Spirit Day — College Theme!
Nov 6

Friday is Spirit Day at A&L.  Kids should dress in a college theme!  Break out those college t-shirts and varsity sweaters!


Family Sing for Grades K-4
Nov 6, 9:15AM

This Friday is our first Family Sing for grades K-4.  Parents should meet their kids at 9:30 in the gym as lower grades come together to sing songs and build community!


School Closings for November

Tues 11/3: Election Day (School Closed)

Wed 11/11: Veterans Day (School Closed)

Thurs 11/19: Student Led Conferences (Early Dismissal)

Thurs 11/26-Fri 11/27: Thanksgiving Break (School Closed)


Winter Fest Organizers Needed!

We need some enthusiastic and engaged volunteers to make this year’s A&L Winter Fest on December12th the best and most fun ever!   This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a project that both helps build school spirit and makes money for the school! If you’re interested or to find out more, please contact Justine Fasciano jfasciano@yahoo.com or Carla Licavoli carlalicavoli@gmail.com


Holiday Shopping on Amazon/Target?  
PLEASE Don’t Forget To Click Through!

As holiday shopping season approaches – and all year long -- don’t forget to click through the link below (and please bookmark it) whenever you buy ANYTHING on Amazon!   We get a substantial donation (up to 15%) and you pay nothing extra.  


Also, don’t forget to go to Target’s website and connect your Redcard to A&L so we get cash back from those purchases as well!  Go to tinyurl.com/AandLTarget and assign SCHOOL ID #147057 to your card.  Every time you shop, you get an instant 5% discount, free shipping, and A&L gets some cash



Farmigo is an online Farmer's Market where you can shop for fresh, delicious food — vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, breads, and more — while raising money for Arts & Letters.  Ten percent of every order donated to the school! Place your order by midnight on Sunday; then pick it up at school between 3 and 4 pm on Wednesdays.   Go to http://www.artsandlettersbklyn.org/fundraising#farmigo to sign up.


Lost And Found

The lost and found is be in the main office, (Room 304) this year.  Don’t forget to check for lost items!  At the end of each marking period, they will be donated to charity to make room.  


Mabel’s Labels

Never lose your kid’s clothing or lunch containers again! Raise money for A&L by purchasing labels for clothing and other products on the Mabel’s Labels site.  For every purchase, A&L gets 20%, but only through the end of October.   See attached flyer for more information!


Box Tops 4 Education

We raise money through the Box Tops 4 Education program. Box Tops are located on a wide range of products (not just cereal!), such as Ziploc brand containers and bags, Hanes socks and underwear, Betty Crocker baking products, Scott paper goods, Hefty trash bags, Progresso, Cascadian Farms, Pillsbury products, and so much more. It's a super easy way to earn free money toward A&L's fundraising goals.  Please drop them off in the main office with Ms. Williams.  For more info go to http://www.artsandlettersbklyn.org/fundraising#boxtops

In addition, signing up for the Box Tops 4 Education newsletter will grant you access to loads of chances to get bonus Box Tops for the school. If you have a few minutes, it's a great opportunity to increase the amount of money we raise through this program. You can sign up here (type in "arts & letters" to find our school): https://www.boxtops4education.com/consumer-registration?RegAction=HeaderSignUp

There are two deadlines during the year, so please clip the coupons all year long and then bring them in. Each Box Top earns 10 cents for the school--if everyone contributes, that adds up quickly. It's a super easy way to earn free money toward A&L's fundraising goals.


PTA Google Group Emails Missing?

Do you feel like you’re not receiving every email sent to the PTA Google Group?  We’re sending fewer than 5 per week so we suggest changing your settings to receive each email as it comes out:

  1. Go to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/uaaalpa
  2. Click the My Settings button in the upper right-hand corner (The person with a gear on her shoulder)
  3. Click “Membership and email settings”
  4. Set your “Email delivery preference” to “Notify me for every new message”
  5. Click Save


School Lunch Forms

Every family is federally mandated to fill out the National School Food Programs Application.  In addition to determining lunch qualifications for our children, the application is also used to regulate the amount of State funding Arts & Letters receives for supplies such as books, classroom furniture and other resources.  If you feel you are not eligible for free or reduced-price meals, then check the box next to the statement, “I do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals” at the top of the form and return it to school to help ensure adequate funding for our school. 

As an added incentive, the class that returns 100% of their lunch forms and blue cards first will receive a pizza party in their classroom.


A&L School Year Calendar 

In addition to the important dates listed in this bulletin, there are many more exciting and important events planned for the school year.  Don’t want to miss an important date?  You won’t have to if you subscribe to the online calendar by going to www.artsandlettersbklyn.org/calendar/ and following the instructions. 

In the meantime, please be sure to note the following dates that school will be closed or closing early during the 2015-16 school year:

Mon 10/12: Columbus Day (School Closed)

Fri 10/23: A&L Professional Development Day (School Closed)

Tues 11/3: Election Day (School Closed)

Wed 11/11: Veterans Day (School Closed)

Thurs 11/19: Student Led Conferences (Early Dismissal)

Thurs 11/26-Fri 11/27: Thanksgiving Break (School Closed)

Fri 12/4: A&L Professional Development Day (Early Dismissal)

Thur 12/24-Fri 1/1: Winter Recess (School Closed)

Mon 1/18: MLK Day (School Closed)

Fri 1/29: Roundtables (Early Dismissal for Lower Grades)

Mon 2/8: Lunar New Year (School Closed)

Mon 2/15-Fri 2/19: Mid-Winter Break (School Closed)

Thurs 3/17: Student Led Conferences (Early Dismissal)

Fri 3/25: Good Friday (School Closed)

Mon 4/25-Fri 4/29: Spring Break (School Closed)

Thurs 4/5: A&L Professional Development Day (School Closed)

Mon 5/30: Memorial Day (School Closed)

Thurs 6/9: Chancellor's Day (School Closed)

Tues 6/14: DOE Clerical Day (School Closed)

Fri 6/17: Roundtables (Early Dismissal for Lower Grades)


Have questions about this Bulletin or information for the next one?  Contact Jonathan at jonathanbines@gmail.com