Summer Bulletin


Hi, A&L Parents!  We hope you’re all having a fantastic summer!  Here are the events that you should be aware of as we approach the new school year.   

Fall Welcome Letters

The Administration has sent out Welcome Letters to A&L families for most grades - containing teacher assignments, class supply lists, and classroom volunteer dates (see below for exciting volunteer opportunities!). The remaining letters will go out on Aug 10.  If you have not received your letter by August 17, please contact Tiffany Pierre at

Classroom Set-Up Help Needed

Sept. 3, 4, and 8 during school hours

A wonderful way to get to know your child’s teacher is to stop by the classroom and help set up the room during school hours on September 3, 4, and 8.  Stop by for an hour or all day if you are able.  If the building is locked, ring the bell outside and wait a bit. Someone will come!  If you have any questions please contact Tresa at  And no need to let anyone know you are coming -- just show up!   

Classroom Supplies

With your welcome letter, you’ll receive the list of supplies your child’s teacher has determined are needed for the school year (both for your child and the classroom).  We’re hoping to have bulk supply ordering up and running by next year, but in the meantime in the past class parents or other motivated folks organized bulk purchases by emailing their grade, asking who’s in, and ordering either through Amazon or another site like Staples if everyone in the grade agrees to move forward.  This is usually MUCH less expensive for each family than buying supplies individually.  If you purchase through Amazon, please don’t forget to click through the link on the A&L website or go to so that 5% of your purchase goes to A&L .   You should be clicking this link every time you use Amazon – not just for school supplies.  

First Day of School

Sept 9

September 9 is the first day for all students.   

Kindergarten Orientation

Sept 10, 9:00AM

Kindergarten Orientation will take place on Thursday, Sept 10, at 9:00AM in the Auditorium.  See you there!

Class Parents Needed!

Class parents are incredibly important to our school, and it’s also a rewarding way to get involved.  If you are interested in becoming a Class Parent, a Grade Parent, or if you want to find out more about what this position entails, please contact Anna Azrieli at

Curriculum Night

Sept. 16, 6:00PM

Curriculum night will take place on Wednesday, Sept 16 at 6:00PM.  During curriculum night, you and the other parents in your student’s class will meet with the teachers in your student’s classroom, where the teachers will explain what our children will be learning and what their expectations and approach will be for the year.  Teachers will also answer questions at Curriculum Night.  It’s an important opportunity to be active collaborators with our children’s teachers.  We urge you to come!

PTA General Meeting & Book Swap

Oct. 7, 6:00-7:00PM

The first PTA General Meeting of the 2015-2016 school year will take place on October 7 from 6-7pm.  Childcare will be provided and we’re having a book swap where you can pass along favorite books to others and pick up new ones.   Keep an eye out for our childcare sign-up sheet (only the first 50 requests can be accommodated). A strong and active PTA is critical to our school’s success, and, quite simply, we need you, your ideas, your voice, and your support.   We look forward to seeing you on the 7th and to working with you throughout the year to make A&L the best that it can be.

Amazon/Target Cash Back Program (for ALL purchases)

Many of us make purchases through Amazon.  If you do, your purchase can help fund A&L for FREE.  All you need to do is click through our website link before you shop (or use the link below).  This is good for EVERYTHING you purchase on the site, not just school-related items.  Please save the link in your browser or favorites so that you never forget to click through when you shop.  Otherwise, it’s just leaving money on the table.

Also, if you have a Target RedCard, you can designate A&L to receive a percentage of your purchase. You can sign your card up from here  Or if you sign up for a new RedCard, please designate A&L when you do.  

Summer Reading/Math

Many teachers assigned reading and math work over the summer, and many others encouraged it.  Please make sure your student is keeping up over the summer, so they can come back ready to learn!   

School Closings for September

Sept 14-15 (Mon/Tues):  Schools closed for Rosh Hashanah

Sept 23-24 (Weds/Thurs):  Schools closed for Yom Kippur and Eid-al-Adha


Our Streets, Our Stories:  Clinton Hill Oral History

Clinton Hill Library is looking for residents to share their stories about the neighborhood for an oral history project.  If you’ve got stories to tell, drop in on Aug 10, 11, 17, or 31 and donate your story of Clinton Hill to the history books!   For more information, contact or call 718-236-1760, or visit  

Soccer at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s popular soccer program opened its registration on August 4.  Many A&L kids participate.  Fall soccer may also still be possible through the AYSO at their website.  

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