A&L Bulletin 9-29-15

A&L Kids Need You (Yes, YOU)

(Seriously.  You.)

Arts and Letters is a small school, and our success depends heavily on parents’ (that’s you) willingness to step up and give their time.   If you can, please find a way to volunteer.  We are still in need of class parents, and there are endless opportunities to raise your hand and take responsibility for important events and projects throughout the year – or just to bake something for the bake sale!  There are several calls for volunteers in this bulletin.  Or contact a member of the PA about how you can help make our school great.  Because we need you.  Not the other parent.  You! 


Class Parents Needed (PLEASE READ)

A&L urgently needs more class parents.  Class parents are critical to the success and smooth functioning of our school.  If you see your class listed below please consider stepping forward and donating a little of your time for the betterment of your child, class and school.

Grade 2 (Johnson/Boyle): 1 Class Parent needed

Grade 3 (Bass) 1 Class Parent needed

Grade 4 (Adams/Shah) NO CLASS PARENTS

Grade 4 (Hunter) 1 Class Parent needed

Grade 5 (Thompson) 1 Class Parent needed

Grade 5 (Hales-Knos) NO CLASS PARENTS

Grade 6: We have one class parent for this grade and would like more.


Please contact Mary-Jane Mitchell (maryjanenyc@me.com) and Anna Azrieli (annaazrieli@gmail.com) if you would like to join the class parent body.


Annual School Lice Check and Call for Volunteers


This Friday, October 2nd we will do our annual Licenders school wide screening. Professional screeners will check our kids throughout the day.  This is a preventative program, not a treatment program, that our community has found helpful for the last 2 years.  Parents don't need to do anything in preparation of this visit, it is organized by our PTA.


We need parent volunteers to staff the process in an efficient and organized way.  If you are available at any time between 9 AM and 3 PM, even for a one hour shift, please contact dawnbabbush@yahoo.com


Class Parent Meeting

Oct 5 6:00-7:00PM

There is a meeting of all class parents on Monday Oct 5. From 6-7 pm in the 3rd floor A&L library.  


PTA Google Group Emails Missing?

Do you feel like you’re not receiving every email sent to the PTA Google Group?  We’re sending fewer than 5 per week so we suggest changing your settings to receive each email as it comes out:

1.     Go to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/uaaalpa

2.     Click the My Settings button in the upper right-hand corner (The person with a gear on her shoulder)

3.     Click “Membership and email settings”

4.     Set your “Email delivery preference” to “Notify me for every new message”

5.     Click Save


Bikes, Books, and Brownies

Oct 3, 11:00AM-2:30PM

This Saturday is Bikes, Books, and Brownies, featuring:

BIKES:  A bike swap and free “Learn To Ride-Kids” lesson where kids will learn, from experienced instructors, how to balance, pedal, start, stop and steer. If there any spots remaining, parents can sign kids up at the event.   (spaces limited.  Sign up here: http://www.bike.nyc/education/classes/learn-to-ride-kids/ )

BOOKS:  New and used books for sale – proceeds to support the school.  We will be accepting donations of new or gently used books in the box beside the desk on the third floor through Oct 1.

BAKE SALE:  Delicious treats!   We still need bakers.  Please sign up to bake or bring something in for the bake sale. www.tinyurl.com/AandLBakes100315  

For more informationcontact:  Carrie Larrier (Donovan's mom, 4th grade), bklyncarrie@yahoo.com,  Rebecca (mom to Emmy, 2nd grade), rebeccapaley@gmail.com Justine (mom to Quentin, 2nd grade), jfasciano@yahoo.com


School Closings for October

Mon 10/12: Columbus Day

Fri 10/23: A&L Professional Development Day


Spirit Day

Oct 2

Friday is Spirit Day at A&L.  Kids should dress in a nature theme!  Bring out those fall colors, floral patterns, and creativity!


Family Sing for Grades K-4

Oct 2, 9:30AM

This Friday is our first Family Sing for grades K-4.  Parents should meet their kids at 9:30 in the gym as lower grades come together to sing songs and build community!


First PTA General Meeting

Oct. 14, 6:00-7:30PM

The first PTA General Meeting of the 2015-2016 school year will now take place on October 14 (NOT the 7th) from 6-7:30 PM.   A strong and active PTA is critical to our school’s success, and, quite simply, we need you, your ideas, your voice, and your support.   We look forward to seeing you on the 7th and to working with you throughout the year to make A&L the best that it can be.  


Childcare Information for PTA Meeting

The PTA is organizing childcare for the PTA meeting Wednesday 10/14/15 for grades K-5 at 6PM. Pizza will be provided and we will be capping childcare at 50 students. In order to make sure that we have the right amount of caregivers and that they plan age-appropriate activities, please let us know in advance if your child will be there by filling out the information in this link:  http://tinyurl.com/pvko8l8 

The childcare will be provided at a cost of $5 per student.  Drop off and pick up will be in the GYM.


Dismissal Updates/Changes

Thank you for filling out the "student information form" with the dismissal information for your students.  If you are making lasting changes to those plans for dismissal, please email Ms. Micoli with any changes at pmicoli@artsandlettersbklyn.org.  If you are making a last minute (or one time) change to your student's afterschool plans, please make sure you contact Dawn Babbush (afterschool coordinator) at dawn babbush@yahoo.com and cc Ms. Micoli at pmicoli@artsandlettersbklyn. This information is vital to our ability to ensure that all students have safely transitioned to the correct afterschool locations. Thanks for your cooperation.


Lost And Found

The lost and found will be in the main office, (Room 304) this year.  We will do our best to bring all items that are left in the schoolyard to this lost and found each day.  Please try to label all lunchboxes and jackets, so that it is easier to identify and recover (NOTE:  See Mabel’s Labels info below!).  Because space is limited, at the end of each marking period, we will send an email reminder for a last chance to check the lost and found, then we will donate items that have not been claimed. Thanks for your help and support with this.



Farmigo is an online farmer’s market coordinating with a network of small farmers and artisans to bring you allsorts of tasty, healthy things straight from the farm to your kitchens!  Every time you purchase fresh, local food from Farmigo, you’re not just supporting local farmers.  In just a few short months, we have already raised $1,040 for A&L.  See attached flyer for details on how to get started! 


Mabel’s Labels

Never lose your kid’s clothing or lunch containers again! Raise money for A&L by purchasing labels for clothing and other products on the Mabel’s Labels site.  For every purchase, A&L gets 20%, but only through the end of October.   See attached flyer for more information! 


School Lunch Forms

Every family is federally mandated to fill out the National School Food Programs Application.  In addition to determining lunch qualifications for our children, the application is also used to regulate the amount of State funding Arts & Letters receives for supplies such as books, classroom furniture and other resources.  If you feel you are not eligible for free or reduced-price meals, then check the box next to the statement, “I do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals” at the top of the form and return it to school to help ensure adequate funding for our school.

As an added incentive, the class that returns 100% of their lunch forms and blue cards first will receive a pizza party in their classroom.


Scholarships Available to Pratt Saturday Art School

Pratt has a fantastic Saturday art program, and they are offering some scholarships to its Art School in the following areas:

Creative Writing (ages 9-13)

Creative Arts Therapy (grades 3-6, special needs)

Dance/movement Therapy (grades 3-6, special needs)

Classes begin this Saturday, Oct. 3 so time is tight.  The application was sent around earlier this week by Mr. Weaver via Jupiter Grades. 

Registration form is at the link below.  Ignore the information on payment and write in FULL SCHOLARSHIP.  Email to  saturday@pratt.edu 



Free Movie Screening of He Named Me Malala

There is a free movie screening of He Named Me Malala on October 10th at AMC Loews Lincoln Square at 10:00 am for middle grades/high school students and their parents. Check out the link below for registration and additional information about this documentary featuring the experience of Malala, a young girl fighting for educational rights for girls in Taliban controlled northwest Pakistan.



A&L School Year Calendar

In addition to the important dates listed in this bulletin, there are many more exciting and important events planned for the school year.  In the coming days we will be backpacking home a hard copy of the school year calendar that lists dates that school is closed or closing early, as well as PTA meetings, standardized test dates and community events. 


In addition, to make life as easy as possible for you, we will be launching a new online calendar that you can check out or sync to your devices.  More info on that coming soon!   


In the meantime, please be sure to note the following dates that school will be closed or closing early during the 2015-16 school year:


Mon 9/14: Rosh Hashana (School Closed)

Tues 9/15: Rosh Hashana (School Closed)

Wed 9/23: Yom Kippur (School Closed)

Thurs 9/24: Eid-al-Adha (School Closed)

Mon 10/12: Columbus Day (School Closed)

Fri 10/23: A&L Professional Development Day (School Closed)

Tues 11/3: Election Day (School Closed)

Wed 11/11: Veterans Day (School Closed)

Thurs 11/19: Student Led Conferences (Early Dismissal)

Thurs 11/26-Fri 11/27: Thanksgiving Break (School Closed)

Fri 12/4: A&L Professional Development Day (Early Dismissal)

Thur 12/24-Fri 1/1: Winter Recess (School Closed)

Mon 1/18: MLK Day (School Closed)

Fri 1/29: Roundtables (Early Dismissal for Lower Grades)

Mon 2/8: Lunar New Year (School Closed)

Mon 2/15-Fri 2/19: Mid-Winter Break (School Closed)

Thurs 3/17: Student Led Conferences (Early Dismissal)

Fri 3/25: Good Friday (School Closed)

Mon 4/25-Fri 4/29: Spring Break (School Closed)

Thurs 4/5: A&L Professional Development Day (School Closed)

Mon 5/30: Memorial Day (School Closed)

Thurs 6/9: Chancellor's Day (School Closed)

Tues 6/14: DOE Clerical Day (School Closed)

Fri 6/17: Roundtables (Early Dismissal for Lower Grades)


Have questions about this Bulletin or information for the next one?  Contact Jonathan at jonathanbines@gmail.com