Arts & Letters is full of the intellectual and creative energy generated by teachers and students. We cultivate a love of the word - in literature, writing and speech - and a love of the arts - in visual art, theatre and music. Arts & Letters is a school that fosters greater and greater levels of independence and responsibility in our students. Our hallways, classrooms and school building are rich with learning made visible. 


  • Highly-trained and knowledgeable teachers chosen for their demonstrated success
  • A true commitment to arts education with visual art, music, and dance in lower grades and advanced art instruction in visual arts, theater, and music & technology in the middle grades
  • Open dialogue within our classrooms, among our staff, and between staff and families. We take the time for important conversations, whether impromptu in the hallway after drop-off, on the phone, or via email. Schoolwide, there is frequent home contact via email, Parent Blasts, and flyers.
  • Student Led Conferences  |  We believe that students themselves need to take an active role in reflecting on their academic and social emotional progress. Students lead their conference by sharing their “glows” (examples of learning target mastery they are proud of) and “grows” (specific learning targets they need to work on) with their advisors and families. There is also time allocated for parents and teachers to ask questions and share concerns. 

  • Art Expo  |  Twice a year, students showcase their work at the Arts Expo, an incredible event where the gymnasium and auditorium are transformed into vibrant gallery spaces. 

  • Twice annual Roundtables during which teachers, families, and community members come together to “sit at the table” as students share their work and learning in authentic and often hands-on ways.
  • Lower grade shares, at the end of a unit, as the culmination of student learning and thinking. Parents, students, and staff gather together to experience the learning that has happened over the course of study. 
  • Frequent school events to build a cohesive, expanding school community – creating a time and place for lower grades and upper grades to come together
  • Field trips to bring the rich cultural life of NYC to our young people’s education - visits to nearby parks and Pratt Institute sculpture garden; walking tours to view historical buildings, architecture, or plant life; museums; art spaces and galleries; and other city destinations to explore like Chinatown, Soho, Times Square, etc.
  • Online grading through JupiterGrades, allowing students and families to see assignments, progress, and grades online in real time