Arts & Letters is a small, child-centered public school in Brooklyn encompassing Kindergarten through 8th grade. With only two classes at each grade level, we provide our children with a caring and intimate learning environment. At Arts & Letters we believe that the purpose of public education is to work in partnership with parents and communities to raise young people who are strong and flexible thinkers, and caring, responsible stewards and leaders of a vibrant, democratic society.

In the spirit of this purpose, we at Arts & Letters promise to cultivate joy, rigor, and meaning in each child's education; an education built on a belief that through a rich and challenging questioning of the world and ourselves, we can and will develop creative, confident, and courageous people who will make our world more just, enriched, and compassionate. 

Our vision was born from a set of driving beliefs: We believe that connections -between people and ideas - drive learning. We believe growth matters. We believe that all people learn given the right opportunities and resources. We believe that people learn best through authentic, meaningful challenges, often by doing and showing what they understand. We believe that clear and high expectations are a key determining factor of success. Finally, we believe that school is a place where students should find and share their voices.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion 

Arts & Letters strives to create a welcoming community of multi-talented, diverse individuals in which every member knows that he or she is valued and appreciated for his or her unique experience.

We recognize and embrace the valuable offering of each person’s race, cultural tradition, religion, gender, nationality, socio-economic position, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

We believe that by making each student’s learning visible we are better able to truly see each student and her unique gifts. Our school is committed to nurturing in each of us a better appreciation of our own distinctive voice, of our common humanity and of a sense of ownership in the school community. We believe that participation in an inclusive school culture supports self-esteem and plants the seeds for positive contributions to the world.

Our commitment to create a diverse and inclusive community is a vital expression of the vision of Arts & Letters.



John O'Reilly  |  Principal

Meg Crouch  |  Middle Grades Director

Pia Micoli  |  Lower Grades Director











We are committed to:

  • Teaching our students the skills and sensibilities necessary to live in a richly diverse and increasingly global world. To that end, our curriculum explores culture in a spirit of admiration for its infinite variety while supporting a multi-sensory approach to learning and teaching.
  • The constant vigilance, revision and patience required in creating and maintaining a welcoming community. We will need training, renewal and a willingness to change normed practices as well as an openness to creating new traditions.
  • Ensuring that our community has a significant level of diversity in the student body, the faculty, and the administration.
  • Providing the resources and support to achieve these goals.